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Payment Processing Solutions That Simply Work

A faster, easier, and more secure payment solution.

An all-inclusive payment processing solution for every type of business (Brick & Mortar and eCommerce)

Start delivering impressive payment experiences to your customers today.

Whether they are shopping in-store or on-the-go, consumers want diverse payment options that are secure, convenient and easy to use.

To meet this demand, we’ve developed an omnichannel payment processing software that will give your retail business more opportunities to grow and
attract more customers.


Send your customer a text where they can easily pay online contactless from anywhere.

Regardless if your customer is on the phone or in your store you can send them a text message with a payment link for them to go online on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and even phone and pay you quickly, easily, and securely. This is also a great contactless solution for you and your customers.

Your customer receives a text message with a link. They click on it and review their order and then select their payment method. After they enter in their details they will get a confirmation on screen, an email and you also will receive alerts via text, email, and on-screen that their payment was completed.


Send your customer an invoice that they can easily pay online.

Fine-tune your financials

  • Send and Manage Recurring Invoices
  • Easy Online Payment Options for Customers
  • Customizable To Your Needs

Easily create invoices on the fly from anywhere in our cloud-based system. Need to change it to a recurring invoice, simple and easy with a few clicks.

Everything you need for invoicing including getting paid fast is right here in Choice Invoicing which is available with all of our products.

Hosted Payment Pages

Offer your customers secure and convenient online payment solutions today.

Whether customers are shopping on their desktop or mobile devices, we’ve got the online payment solution that covers all your bases.

Receive secure payments with our PCI-certified payment gateways that allow you to encrypt card information and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, whether from debit or credit cards.

Flexible, Integrated Financing

Instant Loan Approvals for Buy Now Pay Later

Give your business an advantage with the PayTerms solution. Tailored for merchants in any industry and built to give your customers more flexible payment methods, increase conversion rate, all with zero risk and no hidden fees.

What You Get

  • Real-Time Approvals
  • $500-50,000 Loans
  • 12 – 84 month terms
  • Zero Risk and No Setup Fees
  • No interest programs and rates as low as 8.99%
  • Show purchasing power early on and convert more browsers into buyers
  • Available at point-of-sale, invoicing, and pay-by-text

Designed for Developers

Modern and easy-to-use RESTful APIs and SDKs

Our developer-friendly solutions offer a hassle-free way to connect your software platforms to ours.

Flexible APIs provide an easy connectivity path to your SaaS platform. Integrate quickly with code samples.

Virtual Terminal

Run a Sale direct from any browser through our feature-rich gateway.

Do quick sales or itemized sales directly from our Choice Portal. It will send out an email and/or text message to your customer for them to receive their receipt or if you want them to pay remotely you can use our Choice Pay-by-Text feature that will send them a link to enter their payment details securely from their computer or mobile smartphone.

WooCommerce Payments

This extension allows WooCommerce to use the Choice Payment Gateway. All card data is tokenized using Choice Payment’s PAYNT API.


  • Payment fields integrated with checkout page
  • Card data tokenization via javascript to reduce PCI scope
  • Authorize payments only
  • Delayed capture with a custom action in the Order edit page
  • Refunds

Reduce your credit card processing fees

Surcharging and cash discount programs designed to help increase your profit margin.

Cash Discount Program

Lower your credit card processing fees by encouraging your
customers to pay by cash.

Surcharging Program

Avoid the burden of the expenses that come with credit card processing through our surcharging program.

Our program allows merchants to pass credit card processing fees onto the customers to help them potentially save money and also improves the convenience of card use for your customers.

Ready easier and more payment options?

Providing a seamless payment experience with little to no friction can make the difference between a customer visiting your shop once or becoming a regular.