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Local merchant solutions powered by:

Nearly Emilinate Processing Fees

Choice’s Cash Discount Program
allows merchants to cancel out
credit card processing fees,
increasing merchant revenue.

Who’s Using Cash Discount

Some major providers include AT&T,
Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast,
municipal buildings, Universities,
major gas stations, and many more.

How it Works

This program applies a small % fee
to all sales to offset processing fees.
It then gives an incentive to
customers for paying with cash
in the form of a discount.

Merchant Services

Cash Discount

Pay 0% on all Credit
Card transactions.
Merchants can save
thousands annually*

Technology Solutions

We offer the latest
and best technology
to give merchants
hardware options

ACH Payments

Qualified merchants
can add ACH
payments through our
in-house gateway

Pay by Text

Merchants can promote
immediate remote and
contactless transactions

Virtual Terminal

Our e Commerce and
solutions are Cash
Discount certified

Open API

We offer fast and
simple integrations
with most websites

The NextGen Choice

We seamlessly integrate with your current system or add the merchant features you’re missing. Here are a few of our most requested services:

  • Small Business Credit Processing
  • EMV Chip Terminals
  • PIN Debit Card Processing
  • Online Payments
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Merchant Advances

Accept all types of payments

Our payment processing software covers all the main payment channels and
platforms, including:

  • Chip / Swipe / Tap
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • ACH
  • QR Code

Ready easier and more payment options?

Providing a seamless payment experience with little to no friction can make the difference between a customer visiting your shop once or becoming a regular.