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How to Build your Trade Credit with Small Business Financing Options

by Angel Morales

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to get paid for your goods and services. It is also super important for you to trust the customers you work with and to whom you might extend credit because you are familiar with them. This business style can work well and works well in smaller rural areas, but if you want to grow your business, it will be important for your business to build trade credit.

When your business arranges with your suppliers or vendors that allow your business to purchase goods or services and pay for them later using net terms like net-30 or net-60, that is Trade Credit. It is an immensely popular way of doing business and, in a way, a source of short-term financing that helps the business improve its cash flow and build its business credit.

It is already a daunting task to run and operate the well-oiled machine that is your business. It becomes even more overwhelming when you run into a business emergency; your walk-in stops working in the middle of summer, and you need cash fast, your biggest customer just placed a big order, and you barely have enough capital to cover your existing payroll and overhead expenses or worst. Yet, you need equipment you don’t own to take your business to the next level. That is why it is important to be prepared and understand your funding options so that when the need comes, you can quickly react and resolve your situation seamlessly and painlessly.

Traditional banks are no longer the only option for your business lending needs. Several business lenders are making money available today: from SBA Loans to business lines of credit and invoice-based financing for the equipment you need or the business emergency you need to address.

Existing Businesses

Our team helps make it easy for you to understand your options to build your trade credit, get the funding you need, save money and protect your assets. Sign-up for free if you would like to see simplified personal and business credit reports, tools to build better business credit, and get 24/7 credit monitoring, alerts, and ID theft protection.

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It is always important to understand what your personal credit score is. It is even more important to understand it as an entrepreneur looking to find startup capital. Many traditional banks do not fund start-up businesses because they represent a higher risk to them and their investors. Many alternative lending companies thrive by lending to startup businesses. We have helped many start-ups find the money they need. Know Your Credit Score

Small Business Lending Options

Revenue-Based Loan

Equipment Financing

Personal & Start-up Loans

SBA 7(a) Loans

Business Cash Advance

Approval Amounts

$20K – $5M
$20K – $5M
$20K – $500K
$250K – $5M
$50k – $5M

Term Length

3 to 18 mos.
1 to 5 yrs.
1 to 5 yrs.
5 to 25 yrs.
3 to 15 mos.

Min. Credit Score


Min. Time in Business

1 year
1 year
2 years
1 year


Business Loan Application
4-6 Months of Business Bank Statements
4-6 Months of Credit Card Processing / Merchant Statements (if applicable)
Business Loan Application
4-6 Months of Business Bank Statements
Copy of Equipment Invoice
On-line Loan Application
If Approved:
  • Driver’s License
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Returns Pay Stubs
  • Utility Bill
SBA Loan Application
12 Months of Bank Statements
2 Years of Business Taxes
2 Years of Personal Taxes
YTD Financials (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
Copy of Recent Credit Report
Business Loan Application
6 Months of Business Bank Statements
Business Debt Schedule (Balances of Loans)
1 st Page of Contracts for Each Outstanding Loan

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